How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had been unquestionably 2 of the greatest phones you can purchase in 2016. Heck, they are 2 of the greatest phones you are able to purchase in 2017 too. The category leading digicam, most world display, quick performance are merely several of the characteristics that make the phones great choices now. When you are seeking to move to an alternative carrier or maybe you are grabbing a second hand Galaxy S7 or maybe S7 Edge for your present carrier, you might encounter the phone actually being locked to another carrier. To treat this, we are likely to walk you through a couple of easy steps regarding how to uncover the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

To begin with, you are able to go through the carrier of yours. In case you purchased the cell phone of yours from a carrier and the account of yours is in standing that is excellent, your unit is paid off, plus you have had the unit against your account for just a set amount of times (varies by carrier) well then you are able to ask for an unlock code. In case you are like the majority of Americans and also you purchased your S7 or S7 Edge on the payment plan through the carrier of yours, you most likely won’t qualify for that now because the telephone has just been out for aproximatelly fifteen months. When you do not meet up with the demands or maybe you are attempting to unlock a second hand or maybe “new to you” cell phone, you will have going through a third party unlocking program like Android SIM Unlock.

So, how exactly will you get your telephone unlocked? Allow me to share the actions we will have to have for both methods.

Get the IMEI number of yours Before you do something else, you want your IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier also it is the distinctive code for each unit to determine it to carriers for entry on the networks of theirs. Here is exactly how you obtain your IMEI number:

Open the phone application
Switch *#06#
Your phone’s IMEI is going to pop up on the display
Write it down in a file on the pc of yours or even a portion of paper nearby
No-cost unlocking

Earlier in the post, we discussed the specifications to obtain your no cost SIM unlock. If you are uncertain in case you qualify, give the carrier of yours a call and get. Probably The worst they could say is no and all you have lost is time. If you qualify, wonderful! Allow me to share the steps to unlocking the unit of yours with an unlock code offered by your carrier:

Call your carrier customer service (normally you dial 611 and struck send!)
Request an unlock code
Provide the IMEI amount you wrote down earlier
Your unlock code will likely be delivered to help you and must arrive within five days
Replace the SIM card in the phone of yours with a single from an additional carrier
Type in the unlock code whenever the prompt comes up When you receive your unlock code, grab a sheet of paper and create it down. While these measures are simple, you do not wish being left attempting to push that info from a file you’ve preserved in the cloud when you’ve no service and no WiFi connections. Simply get it done the old fashion way.

Compensated unlocking

When you do not qualify for a totally free SIM unlock from the carrier of yours, you still have choices! You are able to purchase an inexpensive unlock code from a third party unlocker like Android SIM Unlock. This method is going to work for carriers besides Metropcs and T-Mobile, so in case you’ve service through them, we will have special directions below for you.

Visit Android SIM Unlock or even an equivalent unlocking website and type in the IMEI you wrote down earlier
Complete the checkout process
Your unlock code is going to arrive in the email of yours in around an hour, but many of the moment sooner than that
Put a SIM card from an additional carrier inside your Samsung Galaxy S6 or perhaps Galaxy S6 Edge
Type in the unlock code within the prompt that shows up on screen
T-Mobile and MetroPCS Unlocking Process

T-Mobile and MetroPCS, as we pointed out above, has its very own unlocking app. Even in case you do not qualify to get a totally free unlock, you are able to still uncover your device with the T Mobile or maybe MetroPCS Device unlock apps. Here is exactly how you will go about it:

Visit Android SIM Unlock or maybe a similar service and choose the T Mobile Device Unlock or maybe MetroPCS Device Unlock option
Enter your IMEI number
Complete the checkout process
You will get your unlock confirmation e-mail in one – three days
Open the T Mobile Device Unlock or perhaps MetroPCS Device unlock app
Press Continue, subsequently Permanent Unlock
The unlock process is going to run and reboot the phone of yours when it is completed The process for T-Mobile is not any more complex compared to some other carriers, it has only a bit slower.

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